Personalized Virtual Identity Platform

What We Do?

What is the Virtual Identity(VI)?

  • Micro Personalized Characterized AI reflects the personality and identity of the owner and performs various functions that the owner must do.

  • It reflects a special history,  experience, and physical, psychological and behavioral characteristics for each individual.

  • Digitalized Self Representative.

  • A set of probabilistic algorithms that control learning and memory, interpretation, and reaction in an intelligent system through information gathered from specific individuals.

What is the VI Agency?

  • Reflecting specific properties of Identity


  • It is a form that VI developed to respond to specific tasks and needs

Virtual Voice

Virtual Appearance

Virtual Gesturing

Speaks very similar tone, intonation, and modality of owner of copyright of voice’s actual voice.

Creates and implements unique patterns such as the visual of the face and the outline of the appearance corresponding to the owner.

Implements unique movement patterns in specific behaviors of the owner, such as walking, running, and drinking.

Virtual Writer

Virtual Thinker

Virtual Shopper

Creates articles by reflecting the owner’s unique writing style which corresponds to themes and keywords.

Performs the process of thinking by reflecting the owner’s specific inference and decision making.

Make purchasing decisions that are based on selection criteria and habits related to the owner’s purchase.

Why Do We Do This?

We consider person’s life. We pursue a rapid leap in our quality of life for abundance, relaxation, and freedom

Overcoming the body of subordination of individual behavior and acquiring temporal and spatial freedom

The VI Agency is able to perform in parallel, thus frees human life from temporal and spatial subordination



Owners improve their existential and economic quality by allocating resources to more meaningful and valuable tasks to themselves.

You can get more time by entrusting VI agencies to do repetitive and mechanical tasks.

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