By digitalizing the attributes that make up individual identity,
SR Universe embodies the space-time parallelism of human behavior and pursues the quantitative and qualitative richness of human life.


By using artificial intelligence deep learning technology
It embodies various attributes such as human voice and face,
By using a virtual human that combines these It enables a variety of innovative services.


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Let's make a rich life together.

SR Universe pursues the richness of human life.
  • Design of neural networks of artificial intelligence reaching the highest level-Venture company composed of developers.
  • Securement of cutting-edge technologies that create/control virtual voices, virtual faces, and virtual actions that require Virtual Human Interface.
Recruitment field
Service planner

Work contents

  • Discovery of new services and establishment of business models
  • Service planning and Policy establishment
  • Analyzes other services and is in charge of establishing the service direction of the companyIn charge of analyzing other services and establishing the direction of our service
  • Reflection with the latest technology trend research and services


  • Those with at least 5 years of experience in service planning/operation
  • Those who have the ability to quickly identify business/project needs, define requirements, and derive functions
  • Those who can use Figma or various planning tools
  • Those who can take responsibility for their tasks and lead and improve them
  • (Required) Portfolio submission

Preferential qualifications

  • Those who have experienced new service items from the stage of discovery to the stage of planning
  • Those who have experienced Front/Back planning
  • Those who have experience in planning customer service
Recruitment process and application method

Recruitment Process

  • Document screening
  • 1st interview
  • 2nd Interview
  • Final pass

※ The recruitment process may vary depending on the situation.

How to apply
  • Apply for a job online through a recruitment site
  • Contact the company directly for inquiry
    *Company Address: Room 202, 50, Donggyo-ro 22-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul