The meaning of Vir:Shop means Virtual Shop.

In a virtual space, a virtual human becomes the show host and sells your products for you.

Customers can designate or create certain show hosts for vir:shop suitable for the characteristics of the products they want to sell.

It supports dialogue, video, imagery, sound, and music to promote Sales for Products more actively.

Sellers can broadcast directly by utilizing virtual characters.

Live streaming is possible.


In other words, vir:shop is a cutting-edge AI-based virtual shopping mall platform that supports customized virtual characters and live commerce and sales videos.

(AI-based Virtual Shopping-mall platform supporting Customized Virtual Human & Live Commerce & Videos for Sale)

Main Service/Functions
  • It creates a 3D virtual space in the form of a metaverse for the functions performed by existing TV home shopping and live commerce broadcasting, and the virtual person carries out the role of promotion/sales of goods.
  • Reproduce sales items in 3 Dimensional virtual space
  • Establishment of a virtual shopping mall platform with a store-entry type
  • Live commerce converted into virtual characters
  • Save labor costs that must be paid to actual people such as show hosts, production personnel, etc.
  • Save the cost of securing space such as a store for sales
  • Save the production costs for sales videos and broadcasts