Any area where the movie is the medium

By combining AI virtual identity technology and owned data, anyone can easily and quickly realize an unlimited variety of videos without any restrictions on time/place, environment, people, and filming equipment.


  • Training: Creating a variety of Internet lecture materials on the Internet
  • Broadcasting: Production of various broadcasting services on public TV, cable, social media, etc.
  • Digital Commerce: AI Showhosts Leverage influencer
  • CRM: All areas that require customer response
  • Exhibitions, promotions, advertisements: digital advertisements/promotional materials, museum exhibits information, institutions/apartments, etc. in-house broadcasting.
"Innovative productivity not comparable to traditional broadcast production methods"

AI virtual voice creation/editing solution

  • All fields where human voice can be used as a material for industrial production



Comparison with the existing audiobook production method

Class Existing Audio book AI Audiobook
Produce The entire volume of the book is uttered by the voice actor himself, so the recording voice actor + production team + location, etc. Just select a pre-made virtual voice character and input text and it will be produced immediately.
Addition and Editing Every time, all the voice actors + production team participate to edit the re-recording Simply edit and input text and you're done.
Voice actor

(voice  character)

Some trained real people such as voice actors and celebrities Wide selection of virtual voice voice characters for all individuals, voice actors, and celebrities
Production cost Absolute time & cost required close to ZERO